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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 23, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze the oakland university that was the scene of a student massacre will hold classes for the first time since the tragedy three weeks ago. katie marzullo is live at oikos university with the preparations and emotions. >> reporter: the emotions will be obvious. students will be greeted when they return to a massive memorial. i realize that it is dark, hopefully you can make out flowers and notes, even photos mark the entrance practically take up the whole thing. it might be easier to see the video from yesterday. students will be returning back to class today, not all. some have said they can just no longer attend the
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university. the nursing students those who choose to return have been moved to another campus in fremont. the six students who were killed were from the nursing program the 7th victim was the receptionist. community members yesterday say they are rooting for the school and the students no matter where they return today. >> the school can't stay closed they have students that want to finish what they've started. it can't stay closed. >> reporter: one student in particular, is a nursing student, wounded in the shooting gave in statement over the phone yesterday: we have to move on with our lives. we'll always remember the ones who were part of our class and we will graduate and pass the state exam for them the suspected shooter one goh also a nursing student faces several charges. most of the shootings took place in a single classroom on
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campus that classroom will not be used today it will remain unused indefinitely. katie marzullo, abc7 news. 5:03. oikos university has set up a memorial fund for the victims and their families we have a link on look under see it on tv. the highway patrol is investigating an early morning hit-and-run crash in oakland. it left a car burning northbound 880, the accident happened before 3:00 this morning, near 77th -- rather 7th street the driver got out with minor injuries. caltrans crews will be out working to repair the guardrail. hours from now the formal effort to remove suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi from office will get underway. mirkarimi and mayor lee are expected to testify before the ethics commission. amy hollyfield is live in san francisco with more.
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>> reporter: no testimony today. today is a process day. the lawyers are going to argue over how this process is going to go. it the things commission has never completed a misconduct hearing there's a lot to hash out. mirkarimi tried to keep from it reaching this point. he went to court and asked the judge to toss out his suspension, he lost. now he's at the ethics commission. this panel will offer a recommendation to the board of supervisors. that board will decide if he should keep his job. this process is expected to take time. it going to be costly to mirkarimi he was suspended without pay last month time is money to him. he was suspended by the mayor after pleading guilty to imprisoning his wife other charges were dropped in exchange for the guilty plea mirkarimi was surprised by the suspension, upset about it. he believes he should be able to serve the job the voters elected him to, he says
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especially the incident with his wife happened before he was sworn in as sheriff. ready to fight this it is going to be a slow process expected to take several weeks. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. new this morning, the florida neighborhood watch volunteer charged in the death of an unarmed black teenager is out of jail being held at a secret location for security reasons. george zimmerman posted $150,000 bail. he left the florida facility around midnight. news crews grabbed pictures of him. they got into this white bmw and drove off. sim man was agained -- zimmerman was granted bail but must wear a tracking and let. he claims he shot trayvon martin in self-defense. senate homeland security committee chairman joe lieberman says he will send questions to the secret service this week and hold pittsburgh lick hearings
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to determine if the prostitution scandal was an isolated incident. a female secret service chief is being credited with containing the scandal when it resulted a couple weeks ago. paula reed recently prompted to secret service boss for the miami field office and all of south america she was in colombia when she heard about a prostitute complaining she hadn't been paid by a secret service agent she notified washington and rounded up the 11 agents involved and sent them home before president obama arrived. >> i can't help but wonder if there had been more women as part of that detail, if this ever would have happened. >> six of the 11 agents affected have been forced out in the wake of the scandal. there are reports that a 12th has been suspended. more expected to leave in the next day or two this morning police in tucson, arizona will resume the search for a missing 6-year-old girl. last night investigators
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reveal police found something suspicion searching for her. they won't say what it is. isabel's parents last saw her friday night in her bedroom. >> you don't think anything like that would happen to you. all of a sudden you wake up one morning and you are in that scenario. you are angry, upset, frustrated, confused. >> police found a window to her bedroom open. police will only say they found a possible entry point at the home. police are looking for a prowl tried to break into a home in a north bay neighborhood. police say a man tried to enter a home through an unlocked backdoor in the 100 block of pearl street after 10:00 last night. a neighbor confronted the man before he ran away. authorities searched but did not find the prowler. this week a crew will try to recover the yacht grounded on farallon islands following an accident that killed five. these shots show the wreckage of the low speed chase.
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special care will need to be taken to remove it from the wildlife refuge. over the weekend a flowla of nearly 100 boats paid tribute to the crewmembers lost at sea when waves spent over the low speed chase during a race held on april 14th. a day of action planned by labor groups on may 1st, may-day could include an occupy-related morning blockade of the golden gate bridge. today the examiner reports it would coincide with plans by union toll takers to possibly strike over changes to their retirement and health care benefits. if any of the unions opt to strike the occupy movement has said they would spring into action block blocking traffic on the bridge. -- gotta compliment mike nicco again when things got too hot in the house over the weekend we cooled down. >> there you go buddy compliment from the desk. cooler today everywhere compared to yesterday.
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good morning. no organized areas of wet weather, drizzle out there. especially higher elevations north bay, and along the coast. cooler in most areas 10° cooler in antioch to about the same in oakland, santa rosa only places that are slightly warmer san francisco and half moon bay. the peninsula two to six degrees cooler into the south bay. temperatures running in the mid to upper 50s this morning with cloudy conditions and patchy drizzle, breezy in a few hours, -- breezy in a few areas. strong sea breeze going to be a stubborn sea breeze, clouds along the coast into the santa cruz mountains, north bay valleys upper 50s along the coast low to mid -- upper 60s south bay, upper 60s to
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low 70s in the east bay valleys. fog and drizzle again tonight looks like our best chance of rain wednesday into thursday, dry and slightly warmer for the weekend. good morning. we want to make sure that drivers have fair warning, doyle drive in san francisco major artery to and from the golden gate bridge shutdown beginning this friday night all weekend until monday morning at 5 in the morning. if you plan on heading through the area take the bay bridge or the richmond san rafael bridge instead. last time doyle drive was shutdown it caused big time delays. southbound traffic fine across the golden gate bridge, no delays. as with the bay bridge commute, wide open for your monday drive out of oakland into the city. metering lights off, heading out of the east bay. if you plan on making the 580 commute we'll check in on our exclusive waze traffic app, traffic spotters along 580
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traffic okay not that bad at this hour. a traffic spotter moving at just over 40 miles per hour, stop and go traffic there usual stuff, no major accidents for this stretch of 580 between the altamont pass and livermore. 5:11 with next, the danger the government says thousands of school buses on the road could pose to children. new memo questions when pg&e knew about possible defective welds in the san bruno pipeline. dozens of young people put their talents to work to make the neighborhood deficient stated by the san bruno explosion a lot greener. a lightbulb that costs $50 on sale now. is it worth it?
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a new document indicates as far back at 1989, knew about weld defects that cause -- a memo describes the leak nine miles south of where the disaster happened. the document was turned over to the utilities commission last month after the conclusion of state and federal investigations it the memo indicates the likely cause of the leak was a defective weld the same problem that contributed to the san bruno blast. the neighborhood that burned in the explosion is a lot greener today thanks to
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the efforts of 113-year-old boy. months of work to raise grant money and donations paid off yesterday on earth day. >> 250 volunteers planned the trees and bulbs he collected in all he raised $4,000 for his community service project. the money paid for 30 citrus trees and other greenery to help heal the fire zone on glen view drive. >> it means not only a tree and maybe a source of food and fruit maybe a new token of hope and like the renaissance of san bruno may be beginning. >> very heartfelt thanks from us and our neighbors. >> patty and her husband steve lost their home in the september 2010 fire. they picked up a lemon tree to be planted when their new home is finished next year. federal government investigating 5,000 school buses that could have mechanical defects the probe focuses on 2008 models.
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there have been at least three reports of buses stalling because of a problem with the fuel injection system. the stalls have not caused any accidents or injuries the manufacturer is cooperating with investigators. new type of lightbulb on sale promises to cut your electric bill at a price the bulb from phillips cost $50 burns 10 watts of electricity in order to pro -- it could last anywhere between 20 and 30 years. >> even for $50 you can end up saving money? >> you can i haven't done the math i think it is close. >> abc news did math and determined that if you left the light on eight hours day for three years, well, it would take you about that amount of time, three years equal the cost you paid for that lightbulb.
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one great thing about having a longer day, more sunlight you don't have to turn the lights on as much. >> some may have used that extra money to run their air conditioning. >> that comes the heat comes with it. >> exactly warm yesterday is changing now. you may have felt it if you did not live near the coast if you lived near the coast you felt a change now spread together east. a summer pattern over the weekend now that sea breeze is back and it means business as far as dropping temperatures nearly 18° in some inland areas. you see the clouds during the morning compute stepping out now cloudy, mid to upper 50s patchy drizzle for the commute. monterey bay and inland mid 50s. the clouds will cling to the coast this afternoon and still drizzle possible while the
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rest of us will see a slow reveal of sun from east to west during the afternoon hours definitely cooler thanks to the sea breeze scattered showers possible wednesday and thursday much needed moisture after such a die and warm weekend looks like we'll -- such a dry and warm weekend. nothing like the 80s and 90s back into the 70s in a lot of areas comfortable. as far as the 24 temperature change. concord, san jose, fremont 11, 12, 13° cooler than yesterday. here's the reason why, clouds everywhere during the morning commute that drizzle sun comes up with about -- at about 6:20, noon we see clearing east bay valleys, south bay along the shore. the peninsula takes another hour or so the coast, san francisco and north bay
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valleys most of those areas never clear and stay in the 50s and low 60s. upper 60s in the south bay to upper 60s to low 70s in the east bay. still drizzle possible an lange the -- along the coast. upper 50s to near 60 monterey bay clouds stubborn in your neighborhoods. clouds come back tonight drizzle along the coast san francisco, oakland up into san pablo bay and north bay valleys everybody else mild low to mid 50s. a few degrees warmer tomorrow, then cool we are chance of showers wednesday and a chance of rain thursday, friday the transition day back to die weather, saturday and sunday, tell -- back to dry weather, sat -- everything is as it should be at the san mateo bridge all
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lanes open traffic fine westbound drive leaving the toll into foster city no traffic delays all bridge commutes doing fine metering lights off traffic light leaving oakland into san francisco in the silicon valley we didn't have construction overnight all lanes open for 280 approaching highway 17 interchange no problems passing downtown san jose. heading for the golden gate bridge we've been talking about that closure scheduled later this week for doyle drive, starting friday night this morning everything is okay leaving southern marin heading into san francisco and all of our local transit systems are on time. 5:20. rain leaves the giants wet and the a's salvage the final game of their series with cleveland. sports, next. baseball great roger clemens goes back to court today in an effort to clear his name in the steroid scandal. box office battle can the hunger games hang on to the
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top spot? weekend winners, when we come
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good morning. you can see some computers on the bay bridge now in this -- some commuters on the bay bridge now. maybe a little drizzle for some of you along the coast. meteorologist mike nicco has your forecast. traffic coming up. today the giants will play a doubleheader in new york. rain postponed their game again the mets yesterday. lincecum and bum barrer in scheduled to start -- and
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bumgardener scheduled to start. seth smith his first homerun since coming to oakland and tie -- and tyson ross celebrated his birth bay by getting the win. this morning the perjury retrial of clemens moves into the next phase. a jury is expected to be seated today opening statements planned for this afternoon. clemens is accused of lying to congress in 2008 when he testified he never took steroids or human growth hormone. his first trial ended in a mistrial. prosecutors may call former baseball players bond and -- bonds and canseco as witnesses
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. well, "think like a man" debuted as the top weekend draw, 35 million dollars in ticket sales. you saw he came back. rounding out top five, hunger games, chimpanzee and the three stooges. >> too late she shouldn't get in the car, no way. >> occupy movement tries to turn a uc berkeley field into a farm. why their agricultural days may be numbered. released from jail the man accused of killing an unarmed teen in florida out on bail the man who almost became president goes on trial this morning or wanted to become president goes on trial this morning for allegedly trying to cover-up an extramarital affair. high temperatures acrossj7,ç the country, warm out west, 82
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denver, near 90 in salt lake. east 50s, 60s even 49 possible in d.c., a lot of delays expected in the northeast. none now except in philadelphia.
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it's going to be an emotional first day back for students at an oakland university the scene of a mass murder three weeks ago. katie marzullo is live at oikos university to explain. >> reporter: university is small, christian and the president said his decision to reopen the school is based in
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christianity that the school and students need to overcome. of the seven killed six were from the nursing program. because of that the nursing program has been moved it is going to reopen today in fremont. one of the surviving nursing program students who was shot in the elbow released from the hospital on the same day, says she wants to continue her studies and is returning to oikos which has been moved to fremont, in her case she says there is no way she could come back to this campus. passers-by say the victims are still in their hards and minds. >> -- in their hearts and minds. >> when i heard the story it touched our heart the fact
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that these people were here trying to get a degree. >> reporter: the suspect one goh was also a nursing student. the motive has not come out officially. but it seems that he was having maybe a dispute with the university over tuition that he wanted refund. the university says he dropped out of the program. he now faces several murder charges. the victims for the most part were all shot in one location inside one classroom that classroom will not be used today. it will remain closed indefinitely. katie marzullo, abc7 news. oikos university has set up a memorial fund for the victims and their families. we have a link on our site go to latest on developing news in oakland. police are searching for a woman who tried to rob an oakland convenience store at gunpoint late last night her attempt was foiled by a hero.
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before 10:00 the driver of a gasoline delivery truck saw what was happening inside the store. a woman was pointing the gun at the clerk and making threats to shoot him if he didn't hand over the money. the truck driver grabbed the woman and they struggled for the gun. >> an any fear of safety for his fellow co-workers was able to res -- to wrestle the gun from the suspect the suspect fled on foot without anybody getting hurt. >> police usually say money is not worth anybody getting hurt in this case the co-worker thought the woman was going to pull the trigger. another customer say he thanked for the bravery of that driver. suspended sheriff mirkarimi faces his first hearing before the ethics commission today. the commission will decide how to proceed with the case no testimony is expected today
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oral arguments not to begin for several weeks. the commission will submit a recommendation to the board of supervisors who will vote on whether to remove mirkarimi from office. friday a judge rejected his request to overturn his suspension for official misconduct. mirkarimi was suspended after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge in a domestic violence case involving his wife. right now a group calling itself occupy the farm is camped out in albany yesterday for earth day they took over a 10 acre plot of land that uc berkeley owns. they broke in through a locked gate and beganning the soil and planting seeds. the land was previously used by uc for an agriculture research project. the occupiers say they want to see it transformed into an urban farm. so far police have declared it a crime scene and say occupiers are subject to arrest there have been no confrontations with police. the florida neighborhood
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watch volunteer charged with second degree murder in the death of an unarmed teenager is now at a secret location after he go out of jail overnight. george zimmerman posted $150,000 bail and left the florida lock-up in the middle of the night. news crews grabbed these pictures of him leave and you identified man. they got into a white bmw and left for the secret location. zimmerman was granted bail by a judge but has to wear a tracking bracelet. >> i think there's still a lot of emotion around the case and we are worried some of those are still negative and that may play out against george. >> i didn't think that he would be able to get out until there was some kind of trial. >> they better not let him get out here. ain't no telling what might happen. >> zimmerman claims he shot 17-year-old trayvon martin in self-defense in february. his trial may not begin for over a year. in a few hours prosecutors and defense lawyers set to present opening arguments in
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the john edwards trial. they will argue whether the former democratic presidential candidate violated campaign finance laws. he pleaded not guilty to six criminal counts related to one million dollars in secret payments for two wealthy donors during his 2008 campaign. he's accused of using those finances to cover-up his affair with a mistress who became pregnant with his now 4-year-old daughter. the trial is expected to last six weeks. another trial starts this morning, oscar winner jennifer hudson says she will be in court every day in the murder trial of her former brother-in-law, he's accused of killing hudson's mom, brother and nephew, now years ago. hudson may be called to testify. -- alameda board has 60 days to pick a replacement for nadia lockyer she revealed -- new revelations she admits she
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wrote mail to a reporter accuse her husband bill lockyer of buying and supplying her with drugs years ago. his office denies the allegation. she says she's stepping down to focus on recovery and raising her child. if the supervisors don't select a replacement within 60 days, governor brown will appoint a successor. i'm really glad to hear mike's forecast because my ac in the car stopped working this past weekend. >> it didn't! >> mike can you cool things down for her? >> i can. cooling trend started at the coast yesterday now spreading inland. a lot of you got your car washed over the weekend it may get wet, wednesday, thursday or drizzle this morning. higher elevations dealing with drizzle this morning. visibility limited. marine layer clouds and fog waiting for you this morning when you step out.
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also, a little breeze, south wind 13 at half moon bay, 15 at sfo, 14 out of the northwest at napa. everybody else is below 10 miles per hour until you see west wind gusting 37 in fairfield when you know the marine layer back funnels cool air through the carquinez area and also -- cloud cover, 50s, drizzle will start to dry by noon. mid 50s to upper 50s most areas east bay valleys will see the sun first. mid to upper 60s 4:00, the rest of us low to mid 60s bay and south bay. still drizzle possible during the afternoon hours. same scenario repeat tomorrow. upper level low will bring rain and showers wednesday and thursday once it passes warmer saturday and sunday.
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we continue to countdown to this closure scheduled for this friday. significant closure in san francisco, doyle drive which leads to and from the "ge scheduled to be shutdown this friday night beginning at 8:00, shutdown through the weekend. it is expected to cause big time delays especially for divers heading to and through golden gate park alternate, about or rich manned san rafael bridge heading to marin county. -- we haven't had any major accidents so far easy monday monday commute light traffic stay across the upper deck heading into san francisco as we check in on the exclusive waze traffic app, traffic spotter along highway 24 telling us traffic moving well, moving along in the westbound direction of highway 24.
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other drivers are giving us the all-clear for 680 and 24 through walnut creek. 4:38. we missed the first binge bang but probe did -- probably didn't miss the one over the weekend. quick action by firefighters that kept an apartment blaze from turning into a disaster. amazing journey of this soccer ball and what it symbolizes about japan's recovery from the e hey guys, breakfast! ♪ [ female announcer ] if whole grain isn't the first ingredient in your breakfast cereal, what is? now, in every box of general mills big g cereal,
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welcome back. one person is in the hospital recovering from barnes he suffered in an apartment fire in campbell. -- from burns he suffered in a apartment fire in campbell. firefighters suspect a pot of grease left on a stove sparked the blaze the flames spread quickly. one unit was gutted and the red cross was called in to help several people displaced. loud noise, bright light in the sky likely caused my meteors smashing into the sierra. people reported a sonic boom that rattled windows across several northern california counties. scientists say it probably came from a debris cloud produced by a comet. >> my dogs even jumped. >> it was just a bright green
5:43 am
flash with a tail on it. it looks metallic, sort of reflective-like as it shot across the sky. >> meteor shower is peaking most visible in the northern3vt hemisphere. very specialo>rjñ soccer bal will board a flight from alaska to japan next month after floating 5,000 miles across the pacific following last year's tsunami one of the first pieces of debris washed ashore from that tsunami sparked by a earthquake. the ball belonged to a 16-year-old boy who lost his home and possessions. the ball was fond by a man. he plans -- was found by a man. he plans to personally deliver the ball to the teenager in may. not a lot but nice to get something back. reports out today say bribery was right up wal-mart's aisle when it came to doing business in mexico.
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weekend closure of major route into san francisco four days away we'll fill new on the impact on commuters. while we are enjoying beautiful weather here people on the east coast are being reminded of winter. >>
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. welcome back. we have drizzle scattered across the coast from 59 eureka, 63 big sur. morning clouds give way to afternoon sun and low to mid 60s los angeles and san diego. 93 palm springs 85 fresno. possible record high again in tahoe, 71. 5:47 now. the mount diablo school board could vote to extend contracts of four top administrators more than a year before they expire. the board president is pushing for a vet today. another member is trying to that vote until after the november election so a new board can decide whether to keep the add -- administrators and how much to pay them. teachers officials are shocked a vote could come 14 months before the contracts run out. three falcons on a
5:48 am
highrise will get special visitors. scientists will put id bands on league of the chicks this afternoon. the video shows the same nest a year on the 33rd floor of pg&e's downtown building. the santa cruz predatory bird research group has a webcam focused on the nest. this weekend's closure and demolition on doyle drive begins friday night. some are choosing to leave their nearby townhomes in the presidio until the demolition is over next monday morning concerned about what might be contained in that dust when the old highway comes down. a liaison says all safety measures are being taken because of the workers who will be in close proximity to the demolition. gas prices slowly dropping. national average for a gallon of regular $3.91.
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down nearly a nickel in the past two weeks first major drop since december. according to aaa average price in california, $4.19 down three says in the past week. -- three cents in the past week. san francisco has the highest average $4.28. we'll get to our weather in 30 seconds or so. first up, the spring nor'easter bringing heavy rain and even snow to some places in northeast section of our country up to four inches of rain expected from philadelphia through new york city and into southern new england higher elevations in west pennsylvania, west virginia and ohio could see up to a foot of snow wind and wet snow spelled disaster for trees and powerlines and city crews say they are prepared. looks like we have airline delays. >> philadelphia the first to fall more will fall because of
5:50 am
that rain and snow out here sfo, you know with the morning marine lay we are going to have delays, 65, 75 minutes. check our flight tracker there are the clouds signal the sea breeze is back cooler weather on the way. west across the bay bridge to san francisco from emeryville this morning. how to dress when you step out? mid to upper 50s, clouds and patchy drizzle, especially higher elevations and along the coast. drizzle around petaluma and 101 significant, earlier this morning. mid 50s around the monterey bay and inland. cloudy, patchy drizzle. i think the clouds will go back to the coast and be sticky in the north bay while the rest of us will see a slow reveal of sun and dramatic temperature drop that a lot of you felt yesterday will move inland today.
5:51 am
scattered showers possible wednesday and thursday. definitely need some another dry weekend warmer but not as warm as it was this past weekend a little rollercoaster not huge like over the weekend. two degrees cooler today in san francisco 58. oakland 62. hayward 65. concord, san jose, fremont, 69, 67, 66 all 11, 12, 13° cooler than yesterday. look at all the cloud cover during the morning commute and patchy drizzle by noon most clouds pull out of east bay also bay shore, south bay and peninsula starts clear out too, look how stubborn in the north bay along the coast into the monterey bay where we'll have 50s to low 60s, low to mid 60s around the bay shore, even 70 towards antioch, most of the east bay valleys upper 60s.
5:52 am
light drizzle possible during the afternoon hours around bodega bay, monterey bay upper 50s. mid to upper 60s inland from salinas, hollister, gilroy and morgan hill. clouds come back tonight, drizzle, prominent north bay valleys low to mid 50s the rest of us mid to upper 50s. going forward, tomorrow like today noon, 1:00 to see sun, clouds remain at the coast upper level low going to roll through wednesday and thursday, scatter light rain even showers coolest two days transition day friday drier and seasonally warm weather saturday and sunday. hope you have a great day. let's find out about that commute. just getting word from the chp accident in the milpitas area don't have a map of it did happen westbound 237
5:53 am
beyond mccarthy, four-car pile-up off to the right, slow there, so far a smooth morning for bart riders no delays for caltrain, san francisco's mooney. bay bridge commute, getting busier metering lights still off, sluggish traffic in that westbound direction as you approach treasure island tl still wide open a at the san mateo bridge, rough one this last friday everything as it should be both directions fine between foster city and hayward if you are heading for the silicon valley, new accident 237 westbound. so far 280 here in that northbound direction fine approaching and passing highway 17 that's the drive into work. 5:53. watch for more bikers without helmets this summer and more hope for job seekers. >> here's jane king with the bloomberg business report. are you feeling more upbeat about the economy?
5:54 am
40% of businesses expect hiring in the u.s. in the next six months that would be welcome news for the college class of 2012. half of recent college s are either unemployed or stuck in positions like waitressing. some relief for drivers, average gas price $3.86 for a gallon of regular, four cents less than a week ago. wal-mart may be facing steep government fines and a string of executive departures. the company looking into a "new york times" story alleging it paid bribes to expand rapidly in mexico. experts tell bloomberg if senior managers knew about the payments and didn't take strong enough action shareholders aren't going to like it. massachusetts, new york and tennessee among eight states considering easing laws requiring helmets for bikers
5:55 am
part of a nationwide trend to ease regulations on businesses. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. our time, 5:55. the u.s. army is pulling the plug on a ted nugent concert at ft. knox because of comments he paid about the president. he told a crowd at a national rifle association convention that he would be dead or in jail if the president were reelected. many question whether that was a threat of violence against the president. commanders at fort knox say they decided to cancel nugent's planned concert after learning about the comments. he met with secret service agents to explain he meant no harm to the president. authority korea warning it would soon launch unspecified action to wipe out the administration of south korea. a statement read in morning
5:56 am
says the actions will last three to four minutes and be carried out by "unprecedented peculiar means." some believe it is just talk. others say it could signal a real terrorist threat. the statement comes a week and a half after the launch of a rocket that exploded shortly after liftoff. strong showing by the socialist candidate in the first round of france's presidential election may rattle financial markets. the socialist grabbed first place yesterday with almost 28% of vote he wants to emphasize growth over austerity -- us a incumbent sarkozy came in second and the far right candidate captured third. a runoff election will be held may 6th. european markets trading lower this morning the ftse in london down 1 1/2%, frankfurt and paris down more than 2% most of this morning.
5:57 am
in a couple of hours, president obama will announce a get-tough plan on regimes that use technology to oppress rights. the post reports the president will make the executive order at the u.s. holocaust memorial museum the u.s. will impose sanctions against re-- against resumes jamming cell phones or blocking internet access. the speech is set to start 6:45 we'll try to bring it to you live. just ahead, the planned protest that could snarl your commute across the golden gate bridge who is behind the plan? new memo questions when pg&e knew about possible defective welds in the san bruno pipeline.
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